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I destroyed the Amorite …
though he was tall as the cedars
and strong as the oaks.
I destroyed his fruit above and his roots below
Amos 2:9

What an amazing statement of the Lord’s work of healing and deliverance, in our lives!

We’re having a bumper harvest of raspberries, this year! And it’s also going to be a good year for figs! Earlier, we had blackcurrant profusion! Going by the many requests we see from others to “please come and help yourself to our fruit/veg”, this looks like a year of fruitful harvests, all round. Even our tomatoes, that usually end up splitting on the plant, are beautiful and complete, this year!

How good it is and how thankful we are, when we can enjoy such abundance of good fruit. Then we know that the roots, too, must be good.

There are times, though, when we see the evidence of bad fruit in our lives. This may be in the form of negative self-beliefs, or damaging behaviour we can’t avoid, or relationships that are a constant source of hurt, or that nothing ever seems to go right, or any number of other negative experiences we seem unable to shake free from. And we know that the root bearing this fruit, lies deep within. And the root is not good. Yet we seem powerless to do anything about it.

The great news is that God’s promise holds true! In His words through Amos, the “Amorite” represented the enemy of His people. His promise is that whatever wars against us – the bad roots, however they got there, and the damaging fruit they produce – HE has destroyed, on the cross of Jesus, by whose wounds we are healed. We don’t need to live with bad fruit, nor with the roots that continue to produce them. As we take hold of the healing and deliverance available through the cross, we WILL receive and live in freedom!

At the 2016 Encounter Weekends we are exploring this in greater depth and uncovering the tremendous riches of Isaiah 53. There are still places available if you’d like to join us or know someone who would benefit. We’d love as many as possible to have the opportunity to be renewed, refreshed and restored!

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NH Sept15 beachA combination of God’s healing grace and Presence, liberating truth from God’s Word, sun and warmth for the bbq breakfast on the beach, warm fellowship and excellent hospitality meant we were truly blessed at our Encounter Weekend in September, at Nicholaston House. God met with us!

We thought, taught, talked and prayed about how shame affects our lives and ties us into false identities of who we are, masking or stripping away the person God created us to be. As we confronted these difficult issues, God broke through , healing years even decades of emotional and mental pain for some folk. Some experienced it at the weekend. Others realised the extent of what God had healed and the freedom He has released them into, only after they returned to their everyday routines.

Some testimonies show what God was up to!

NH Sept 15K: Straight after we did all those prayers, Jesus walked with me through my life as a child. He was with me and I saw him with me in every incident where I felt totally rejected, unaccepted, unwanted, ridiculed and unloved. There were so many of them, it becomes a state of being, so that everything is always coloured in that way…even times when it was never mean to be. But this time, as Jesus and I went through my childhood, I felt loved and accepted and it was beautiful. Jesus rewrote my whole history for me – with me – as accepted and loved, in every single moment with every member of my family and moment of my childhood. It was very lovely. … I’ve always felt like my skin was being whipped when people accused me, criticised me or said evil things against me. Now I know that I don’t have to take the whipping. Jesus took it for me. (Jesus was whipped by Pontius Pilate before being crucified. The prophet Isaiah, 600 years earlier said, “by his stripes we are healed”).

D: It has been a weekend of tears and laughter and God has done some amazing things. I’m going home feeling free and excited about what God is going to do with me next. 

H spoke of God rolling away years of isolation and bitterness and being reconnected into His love.

Others found beauty, refreshing, strengthening and fresh hope as God met with us.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made this such a special time. Thank you to the Lord for His Presence, that made ALL the difference!


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What an awesome God we have! During our Encounter Weekend at Nicholaston House we experienced the gentle but deep power of the Holy Spirit.

“In quietness and trust is your strength”, the Lord spoke through Isaiah (30:15) and so it proved for us.  There was no drama and yet there was plenty. For one, a deep move of God in their being, that could barely be spoken about and continuing and deeper encounters with Jesus through the weekend; for some others, removal of a lifetime’s baggage; for another, healing of deep wounds and the “making good” of what had been lost in childhood; for many, an enveloping assurance of father’s love and the joy and freedom of the Holy Spirit; and for one, a very special moment of receiving Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Some spoke of the Word that was taught, piercing their hearts and speaking directly to their lives – only the Holy Spirit can do that!

For the casual observer, there was nothing out of the ordinary to describe the weekend because everything, in many ways, just went ahead normally. Yet who can fathom the mind or works of God? It is the testimony of the lives that were being deeply transformed by the Spirit, that speak the truth of what HE was about. We just stand back in awe and thankfulness and give HIM the praise and glory. These are, indeed, extraordinary times. And we are seeing our God at work, not just in the spectacular and visible manifestations but also in the depths of the “engine room” of peoples’ lives, where he’s restoring freedom and abundant life and reigniting a revival of enduring passion for him.

Perhaps what sums up the weekend for us is the experience of one of our number, who arrived quite late on Friday evening, after a 4 and a half hour drive. She arrived, in her own words, in a “very bad mood”, even as she drove up Nicholaston’s drive and approached the front door. As soon as she walked in the door to the empty entrance lobby, she says, she was met with such a strong sense of the presence of Jesus, that it changed her instantly! We do remember that when she found us in the room we were in, we did wonder that she seemed in remarkably good spirit, for the journey she had just done! And that was just the start of God’s blessings for her. God is good! And he’s awesome!

Lord we want to thank you, for the works you’ve done in our lives.

Thanks to all who stood with us in prayer. Paul’s words from 2Cor1:11 certainly resonate with us: “Many will give thanks on our  behalf for the gracious favour granted us in answer to the prayers of many”.

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The first Encounter event for 2011 took place on 12 February. The Lord’s presence was with us as we worshipped and received Jesus’ promise that his truth will set us free. It was a morning for breaking free from burdens we’d carried within ourselves, locked in by the enemy’s lies. It was a time for embracing God’s promise of restoring what was lost.

Joel 2:25 gives us a promise of restoration – of bringing us back to the places where we will dream again. Not dreams of yearning for what was not, but dreams of fulfilment and hope.

In Jos24:13,  Israel is reminded that they acquired what they had not laboured to build. God didn’t just give them victory, he gave them a readymade conquest. This is a picture for us not just of the victory we have in Jesus, but that this victory includes the totality of God’s healing and restoring of our lives.

The promise of Joel and the picture of Joshua assure us that God alone can bring us to the place of fulfilment, where what we lost is not just paid back, but paid back with interest. When we stand in the place of God’s healing and restoring, we find that what we lost hasn’t held us back and in fact God has grown us so we are where we should be – if not even beyond that – had we not suffered the loss. So it’s like having our youth renewed AND soaring with the eagles.

The problem for us, so often, is that we live locked within the consequences of hurtful and damaging experiences of life – consequences that leave us with a burden of losses that we feel we will carry for life. Not just material losses, but loss of peace, health, character, self worth, innocence, abilities, relationships ….. The reality appears to us to be anything but the promise and the picture. We appeart to live in the opposite realm, where we are slaves to the consequences from the past.

What keeps us bound and unable to experience God’s healing and restoring?

A major factor is the lies of the enemy. Jesus called satan “the father of lies” and so identified a key weapon he uses. Because Jesus is Truth and he sustains all creation, truth is part of our essential DNA. Truth is ingrained into our very being. We are designed to be held together by truth – it is like a thread that keeps us together and aligned with what is right and good for us. We live in wholesomeness, balance and fulfilment when we live in truth. So when we embrace lies and accept lies into our beings, the result is an unravelling of our personalities, poisoning of our spirit and even destruction of our bodies.

No wonder that satan uses lies to undermine us in every way he can, to steal, kill and destroy all he can. No wonder he will keep us chained to lies that seek to convince us that we will never be free from damaging consequences arising from losses and bad experiences we’ve had in life.

How can we be free, to experience God’s healing and restoring – to know the reality of the promise and the picture?

The first step is to recognise and acknowledge the lies that we have accepted and chosen to believe. Because lies don’t just stick. They stick because we choose to accept them and believe them. We may then need to repent of any wrong attitudes we have held towards God as a result of accpeting the lie (e.g. not trusting him; not accepting his goodness). We need to renounce the lies (i.e. refuse to recognise them any longer; stop engaging with them). And then receive and affirm God’s truths for us.

It is not necessarily easy. And the longer we’ve  lived with the lies, the more they will seek to hold onto us. So we will at all times need the Holy Spirit’s revelation and enabling strength. But if we are willing, then he is certainly more than wanting (to free us) and is able to do more than we could ever imagine.

Jesus said, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”.


You can listen to a podcast of teaching related to this topic, from the Encounter Morning of 12 February. Click here.

Use the Contact form or Comments (below) to request a CD – don’t forget to give us your name and address.

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