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One of those days, when the Holy Spirit ministered to us in a deep and personal way ….

We continued on the theme of Pursuing God, taking the time to allow his Spirit to search us and realign our hearts to be centred on God, rather than the pursuit of other goals. Pursuing God is not just life embracing, it’s life changing. Inevitably, as we draw closer to his light, it reveals what’s hidden in our lives – sometimes even from ourselves – that keeps us from a deeper relationship with Jesus. Negative emotions, hurts, wrong beliefs and other baggage that we carry around with us can all be exposed in a way that only the Holy Spirit can do, when we know in our hearts that he has put his finger on an issue we’ve been hiding away or secretly struggling with.

Our reaction can be to run and hide. But these things are unveiled not to condemn us, but so that the Spirit can deal with them and free us from carrying these burdens and being chained by them. His intention is to draw us deeper into knowing the love of God and the freedom we have in Christ.

Some comments received (names supplied) …..

… thank you for your ministry to us … also for the personal prayer time afterwards. I feel God took me there and it was such a great place to be!

… I much benefitted from your personal ministry … it has really made a difference … I have stopped blaming myself.

Thank you Lord, for the peace of dwelling in your presence.

Thank you for so many blessings of reassurance and peace in wonderful surroundings.

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