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Awesome God!

Watching God at work is always a thrilling yet humbling experience. Several folk were healed and set free from decades of emotional and mental bondage, arising out of hurts and bad experiences of the past. The grace to forgive and the power that sets captives free was so evident from the Holy Spirit! Here were some, who were delivered of the burden of years, if not a lifetime of carrying hurts inflicted by others. And another who shed the yoke of having to prove themselves worthy. And another, released from being a slave. And others who found deep encounters with God …..

We learnt again, the simple lesson that when the Holy Spirit moves, we just have to make sure we’re not getting in his way! Also, that when we are willing, God is more than willing! The theme for the weekend was prayer as a journey – a journey of increasing openness and surrender to God, that interweaves with our life’s journey. As we thought over the implications of such a journey for our relationship to God and opened ourselves to the Holy Spirit, so it gave him the opportunity to work in our lives.

To borrow from Matt Redman:

You alone can rescue, you alone can save
You alone can lift us from the grave
You came down to find us, led us out of death

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