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We travelled this year, as a much smaller group (7) than usual, but it didn’t prevent the Lord from working in a BIG way! Our prayer and expectation on these Journeys is always for the Lord to surprise us with a rich encounter with himself, as folk enjoy and absorb the experience of the Land and its people and gain insight into truths of Scripture. God didn’t disappoint us.

Where Jesus had once ministered to set captives free and release prisoners from darkness, we experienced the Holy Spirit’s works of deep healing and liberation. Many return from a visit to Israel feeling that the experience has changed them in some way. For some of our group, they returned “a different person”, not only with renewed strength of commitment to Jesus, but knowing that they were healed, transformed and set free from many years of deep and even hidden pain. How good is our God!

In another fascinating facet of the Lord’s diamond for this Journey, Mary and I were able to spend some time following up with some of the folk from Shevet Achim, who had attended the August Encounter Weekend. Our time of prayer with one lady, who had been very distressed with recurring dark memories,  proved to be a connection in a mighty work God had planned for her. We couldn’t complete the ministry because of time and language (Arabic) constraints, before we had to leave. Before the evening was out, God heard her cries. We had prayed that an Arab pastor she and us know would be able to follow up with her. On her way home, she had a very timely, unplanned encounter with him and that evening she was set free from spiritual and emotional bondages that were rooted deep into her childhood. From what we hear, she was jumping and leaping and praising God! How good is our God! Who can begin to understand his ways?

We felt very much the favour of God. We would arrive at popular places to find we had them to ourselves. Sitting on the first century steps to the Temple, was very special for us all. We shared some moving times of prayer. Starting our day together in worship, by the shores of Galilee – well, there’s no other experience like it! Overall, we didn’t feel at all under any threat or danger, though the local folk did express concerns over developments in Egypt and the growing influence of militant Islamist groups, following the Arab spring.

We’ve compiled a short travelogue of different images from the Journey. It doesn’t cover everything, but if it draws you, then why not join us in November 2012!

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