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The first Encounter event for 2011 took place on 12 February. The Lord’s presence was with us as we worshipped and received Jesus’ promise that his truth will set us free. It was a morning for breaking free from burdens we’d carried within ourselves, locked in by the enemy’s lies. It was a time for embracing God’s promise of restoring what was lost.

Joel 2:25 gives us a promise of restoration – of bringing us back to the places where we will dream again. Not dreams of yearning for what was not, but dreams of fulfilment and hope.

In Jos24:13,  Israel is reminded that they acquired what they had not laboured to build. God didn’t just give them victory, he gave them a readymade conquest. This is a picture for us not just of the victory we have in Jesus, but that this victory includes the totality of God’s healing and restoring of our lives.

The promise of Joel and the picture of Joshua assure us that God alone can bring us to the place of fulfilment, where what we lost is not just paid back, but paid back with interest. When we stand in the place of God’s healing and restoring, we find that what we lost hasn’t held us back and in fact God has grown us so we are where we should be – if not even beyond that – had we not suffered the loss. So it’s like having our youth renewed AND soaring with the eagles.

The problem for us, so often, is that we live locked within the consequences of hurtful and damaging experiences of life – consequences that leave us with a burden of losses that we feel we will carry for life. Not just material losses, but loss of peace, health, character, self worth, innocence, abilities, relationships ….. The reality appears to us to be anything but the promise and the picture. We appeart to live in the opposite realm, where we are slaves to the consequences from the past.

What keeps us bound and unable to experience God’s healing and restoring?

A major factor is the lies of the enemy. Jesus called satan “the father of lies” and so identified a key weapon he uses. Because Jesus is Truth and he sustains all creation, truth is part of our essential DNA. Truth is ingrained into our very being. We are designed to be held together by truth – it is like a thread that keeps us together and aligned with what is right and good for us. We live in wholesomeness, balance and fulfilment when we live in truth. So when we embrace lies and accept lies into our beings, the result is an unravelling of our personalities, poisoning of our spirit and even destruction of our bodies.

No wonder that satan uses lies to undermine us in every way he can, to steal, kill and destroy all he can. No wonder he will keep us chained to lies that seek to convince us that we will never be free from damaging consequences arising from losses and bad experiences we’ve had in life.

How can we be free, to experience God’s healing and restoring – to know the reality of the promise and the picture?

The first step is to recognise and acknowledge the lies that we have accepted and chosen to believe. Because lies don’t just stick. They stick because we choose to accept them and believe them. We may then need to repent of any wrong attitudes we have held towards God as a result of accpeting the lie (e.g. not trusting him; not accepting his goodness). We need to renounce the lies (i.e. refuse to recognise them any longer; stop engaging with them). And then receive and affirm God’s truths for us.

It is not necessarily easy. And the longer we’ve  lived with the lies, the more they will seek to hold onto us. So we will at all times need the Holy Spirit’s revelation and enabling strength. But if we are willing, then he is certainly more than wanting (to free us) and is able to do more than we could ever imagine.

Jesus said, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”.


You can listen to a podcast of teaching related to this topic, from the Encounter Morning of 12 February. Click here.

Use the Contact form or Comments (below) to request a CD – don’t forget to give us your name and address.

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2010! We look forward to sharing with you in more of God!

Sunrise, 1January2010

Whatever this coming year may hold, there’s one thing that continues to engage our hearts, our spirits, our passion – AND THAT’S MORE OF GOD!

Whatever your plans, expectations, aspirations, desires for the coming year …..

LEAVE SPACE FOR GOD! (and plenty of space ….)

There is nothing more precious to the Lord than our relationship with him.
So make a decision now, to attend actively to deepening your walk with God, this year. Give him quality time, from your life. As well as your regular devotional time with God, why not mark out specific times in your diary (you could do it now!) that will be for you and God, alone. Time that you will protect and keep free from intrusion. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (James4:8).

Gyms and health clubs get very busy at this time of year, with so many people looking to shed pounds (or kg!) and get fit. How many will stay the course, in the weeks and months ahead? We all know that “desiring” is one thing, whilst seeing the results only comes through commitment.

Will you commit to a closer walk with the Lord, this year? This will certainly involve shedding baggage that comes between you and God. Amongst many things this may include reassessing your priorities, or changing wrong attitudes, or setting damaged relationships right, or stopping harmful habits, or receiving healing from the poison of imbedded hurts. Some things we may be able to address quite quickly, others will be a longer journey. What’s important is that we remain honest with ourselves and with God and stay open to the Holy Spirit. Let him search you and lead you deeper into the love, grace, healing, peace and joy of the Lord.

You’ll find the plan for this year’s Breakfast events under the “Diary” tab. This will be updated, as needed.

Through the Breakfast events this year, we will continue to draw closer to God, minister to him and receive all the Holy Spirit brings, with the Presence of God.

Do join us when you can. We look forward to sharing with you in more of God!

With our love and blessings,

Erik and Mary.

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