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These words from verse 5 of Psalm 103 have spoken very much into our spirits over the past couple of months. Even whilst we were mulling over these words, there in the sands of the Negev Desert in southern Israel, the two eagles appeared. Not just any eagles, but a pair of Bonelli’s Eagles – a species rare enough to be classified as endangered. In Israel, according to the Israel Bird Ringing Centre, they are an “extremely rare … passage migrant and scarce winter visitor”. How like our God to surprise us with riches we do not expect!

We have received this also, as an affirmation of his word  from the Psalm, for us personally (still digesting this!) and as the underlying theme for Breakfast on the Beach this year.

The promise of renewing your youth is so special. At times, we may find ourselves looking back on life and reflecting on what we see as lost or wasted opportunities. We can even lose ourselves in the world of “what if ….”. Corrie ten Boom wrote in The Hiding Place, “There are no ‘ifs’ in God’s world”. Renewing your youth stands with God’s other promises like restoring the year the locusts have eaten (Joel2:25, KJV).

And what a promise! Whatever the mess we may feel we’ve made of something in the past – an opportunity, a relationship, something entrusted to us – that leaves us with a sense of irrecoverable loss; or however much a hurtful experience may overshadow and even continue to control the present, leaving us with a sense of helplessness about the legacy we carry – God’s promise remains. He offers us his healing, renewing and restoring in our lives. It’s not that he erases bits of our past or rewrites portions of our history. But he is able to bring us to a place where the damage of the legacy of what went before is not just healed, but in the healing we find ourselves in a place where we have advanced from where we began.

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