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I destroyed the Amorite …
though he was tall as the cedars
and strong as the oaks.
I destroyed his fruit above and his roots below
Amos 2:9

What an amazing statement of the Lord’s work of healing and deliverance, in our lives!

We’re having a bumper harvest of raspberries, this year! And it’s also going to be a good year for figs! Earlier, we had blackcurrant profusion! Going by the many requests we see from others to “please come and help yourself to our fruit/veg”, this looks like a year of fruitful harvests, all round. Even our tomatoes, that usually end up splitting on the plant, are beautiful and complete, this year!

How good it is and how thankful we are, when we can enjoy such abundance of good fruit. Then we know that the roots, too, must be good.

There are times, though, when we see the evidence of bad fruit in our lives. This may be in the form of negative self-beliefs, or damaging behaviour we can’t avoid, or relationships that are a constant source of hurt, or that nothing ever seems to go right, or any number of other negative experiences we seem unable to shake free from. And we know that the root bearing this fruit, lies deep within. And the root is not good. Yet we seem powerless to do anything about it.

The great news is that God’s promise holds true! In His words through Amos, the “Amorite” represented the enemy of His people. His promise is that whatever wars against us – the bad roots, however they got there, and the damaging fruit they produce – HE has destroyed, on the cross of Jesus, by whose wounds we are healed. We don’t need to live with bad fruit, nor with the roots that continue to produce them. As we take hold of the healing and deliverance available through the cross, we WILL receive and live in freedom!

At the 2016 Encounter Weekends we are exploring this in greater depth and uncovering the tremendous riches of Isaiah 53. There are still places available if you’d like to join us or know someone who would benefit. We’d love as many as possible to have the opportunity to be renewed, refreshed and restored!

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I feel complete and whole and very blessed with so much love I receive and can now freely give
… a glorious weekend … it’s amazing how the Lord met my different needs

Living stream

Living stream at Carbis Bay

Two testimonies from a weekend in which we were once again favoured by the healing and restoring presence of Jesus! Shaming events in our lives can leave us with a legacy that overrides our God-given identity and makes us feel unwanted, unloved and irreparably damaged, resulting in negative thoughts and behaviour towards ourselves and others. But God’s promise is to restore what we have lost! This weekend we engaged with this promise, expressed by the prophet Isaiah (61:7) in the words:

Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion… instead of their disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance… everlasting joy will be theirs

Some of our group

Some of our group

Not just a great promise, but one that God commits himself to, through a binding agreement (or covenant), as Isaiah goes on to say,

In my faithfulness (says God) I will reward them and make an everlasting covenant with them

As someone else noted at the weekend, “I will hold onto this covenant thought and this will truly be a blessing”.

Great shelter for breakfast on the beach

Great shelter for breakfast on the beach

An unexpected blessing at Sunday morning’s breakfast on the beach at Carbis Bay! For the first time in all our Encounter Weekends we were provided with a wonderful shelter – a reminder, someone remarked, of God’s protective covering over us. The weather may not have been typically warm and sunny Galilee, yet we were there! “The experience I had on the beach, with the waves coming in and going out, taking all my troubles with it …..”.

Cornwall House of Prayer

Cornwall House of Prayer

The House of Prayer is always a special place for us on our visits to St.Ives. Once more, the sweet Presence of Jesus filled the place, as we soaked in the ministry of His Holy Spirit. “At the prayer room I felt God released me from all the tough questions and confusion and disturbance within me”; “At the prayer room, God spoke to me about releasing anger and other things I’m holding onto”.

Great thanks to John and Anne for their hospitality, wonderful care and excellent food! Looking forward to the next Encounter Weekend in 2016. DO join us, whether or not you’ve been before.

Shalom at Carbis Bay

Shalom at Carbis Bay

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NH Sept15 beachA combination of God’s healing grace and Presence, liberating truth from God’s Word, sun and warmth for the bbq breakfast on the beach, warm fellowship and excellent hospitality meant we were truly blessed at our Encounter Weekend in September, at Nicholaston House. God met with us!

We thought, taught, talked and prayed about how shame affects our lives and ties us into false identities of who we are, masking or stripping away the person God created us to be. As we confronted these difficult issues, God broke through , healing years even decades of emotional and mental pain for some folk. Some experienced it at the weekend. Others realised the extent of what God had healed and the freedom He has released them into, only after they returned to their everyday routines.

Some testimonies show what God was up to!

NH Sept 15K: Straight after we did all those prayers, Jesus walked with me through my life as a child. He was with me and I saw him with me in every incident where I felt totally rejected, unaccepted, unwanted, ridiculed and unloved. There were so many of them, it becomes a state of being, so that everything is always coloured in that way…even times when it was never mean to be. But this time, as Jesus and I went through my childhood, I felt loved and accepted and it was beautiful. Jesus rewrote my whole history for me – with me – as accepted and loved, in every single moment with every member of my family and moment of my childhood. It was very lovely. … I’ve always felt like my skin was being whipped when people accused me, criticised me or said evil things against me. Now I know that I don’t have to take the whipping. Jesus took it for me. (Jesus was whipped by Pontius Pilate before being crucified. The prophet Isaiah, 600 years earlier said, “by his stripes we are healed”).

D: It has been a weekend of tears and laughter and God has done some amazing things. I’m going home feeling free and excited about what God is going to do with me next. 

H spoke of God rolling away years of isolation and bitterness and being reconnected into His love.

Others found beauty, refreshing, strengthening and fresh hope as God met with us.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made this such a special time. Thank you to the Lord for His Presence, that made ALL the difference!


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Awesome God!

Watching God at work is always a thrilling yet humbling experience. Several folk were healed and set free from decades of emotional and mental bondage, arising out of hurts and bad experiences of the past. The grace to forgive and the power that sets captives free was so evident from the Holy Spirit! Here were some, who were delivered of the burden of years, if not a lifetime of carrying hurts inflicted by others. And another who shed the yoke of having to prove themselves worthy. And another, released from being a slave. And others who found deep encounters with God …..

We learnt again, the simple lesson that when the Holy Spirit moves, we just have to make sure we’re not getting in his way! Also, that when we are willing, God is more than willing! The theme for the weekend was prayer as a journey – a journey of increasing openness and surrender to God, that interweaves with our life’s journey. As we thought over the implications of such a journey for our relationship to God and opened ourselves to the Holy Spirit, so it gave him the opportunity to work in our lives.

To borrow from Matt Redman:

You alone can rescue, you alone can save
You alone can lift us from the grave
You came down to find us, led us out of death

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These words from verse 5 of Psalm 103 have spoken very much into our spirits over the past couple of months. Even whilst we were mulling over these words, there in the sands of the Negev Desert in southern Israel, the two eagles appeared. Not just any eagles, but a pair of Bonelli’s Eagles – a species rare enough to be classified as endangered. In Israel, according to the Israel Bird Ringing Centre, they are an “extremely rare … passage migrant and scarce winter visitor”. How like our God to surprise us with riches we do not expect!

We have received this also, as an affirmation of his word  from the Psalm, for us personally (still digesting this!) and as the underlying theme for Breakfast on the Beach this year.

The promise of renewing your youth is so special. At times, we may find ourselves looking back on life and reflecting on what we see as lost or wasted opportunities. We can even lose ourselves in the world of “what if ….”. Corrie ten Boom wrote in The Hiding Place, “There are no ‘ifs’ in God’s world”. Renewing your youth stands with God’s other promises like restoring the year the locusts have eaten (Joel2:25, KJV).

And what a promise! Whatever the mess we may feel we’ve made of something in the past – an opportunity, a relationship, something entrusted to us – that leaves us with a sense of irrecoverable loss; or however much a hurtful experience may overshadow and even continue to control the present, leaving us with a sense of helplessness about the legacy we carry – God’s promise remains. He offers us his healing, renewing and restoring in our lives. It’s not that he erases bits of our past or rewrites portions of our history. But he is able to bring us to a place where the damage of the legacy of what went before is not just healed, but in the healing we find ourselves in a place where we have advanced from where we began.

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One of those days, when the Holy Spirit ministered to us in a deep and personal way ….

We continued on the theme of Pursuing God, taking the time to allow his Spirit to search us and realign our hearts to be centred on God, rather than the pursuit of other goals. Pursuing God is not just life embracing, it’s life changing. Inevitably, as we draw closer to his light, it reveals what’s hidden in our lives – sometimes even from ourselves – that keeps us from a deeper relationship with Jesus. Negative emotions, hurts, wrong beliefs and other baggage that we carry around with us can all be exposed in a way that only the Holy Spirit can do, when we know in our hearts that he has put his finger on an issue we’ve been hiding away or secretly struggling with.

Our reaction can be to run and hide. But these things are unveiled not to condemn us, but so that the Spirit can deal with them and free us from carrying these burdens and being chained by them. His intention is to draw us deeper into knowing the love of God and the freedom we have in Christ.

Some comments received (names supplied) …..

… thank you for your ministry to us … also for the personal prayer time afterwards. I feel God took me there and it was such a great place to be!

… I much benefitted from your personal ministry … it has really made a difference … I have stopped blaming myself.

Thank you Lord, for the peace of dwelling in your presence.

Thank you for so many blessings of reassurance and peace in wonderful surroundings.

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