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Did Jesus know the future before it happened? Did he know how each “story” he was involved in would end?

Because we know the “full story” from the Scriptures, we could readily assume that Jesus also knew the ending, before he got there. We assume he had some sort of divine foresight that guaranteed he would make it across the water to the boat, or that the loaves and fishes would serve 5000+ people, or that a withered hand would be instantly restored, or indeed, any of his miracles and healings would be completed. Or even that he would endure and come through the terror of the cross and be resurrected.

Or did he? After all, he was God.

But let us not forget, too, that he was fully man. And as man, he gave up all the privileges of God – he emptied himself (Phil2:6,7). There is a divine mystery here, of how the Son of God could empty himself of being God, to take on our human frailties and limitations, whilst remaining God and man!

And yet he did. And by his own words, he told us so.

He said that he had to rely fully upon the Holy Spirit to show him what Father was doing (Jn5:19)and wanting to say (Jn12:49,50) and then set himself to follow Father’s lead (Jn14:31). Each word, miracle and healing he did, he did because that was what he heard from Father and saw that Father was doing at that time (e.g. Lk5:17). He acted as he was directed (Jn10:32). His complete reliance upon Father’s lead meant that he lived out each moment and situation in “real time”. He did not know the “end of each story” till it happened!

He studied the Scriptures and knew the prophecies. He had revelation and growing understanding of his mission and where it was leading and set his face for the cross. He knew Father could rescue him from the grave, but the only guarantee he had of this was Father’s faithfulness to his word. There was no divine intervention, ahead of time, to guarantee the outcome. Jesus had to walk the road of trust, obedience and prayer (Hb5:7,8).

In his humanity, he had no special advantages over us. Every moment of his life, he had to trust totally in Father ….

through the times of uncertainty
through persecution and oppression
for daily provision, shelter and protection
for wisdom, revelation and the right words to say
for the power of God to deliver him from all evil
for Father’s character – his goodness, love, faithfulness, mercy, compassion

….  just like we need to do.

Jesus learnt to live in trust and obedience to Father, how much do we! His relationship with Father shows us God’s desire for us – and how essential it is for us – to live day to day, moment by moment, in a relationship of trust with Father.

And relationship is the key. Trust doesn’t grow on trees. It’s not something we can just pick off and eat and all of a sudden, we have trust. It grows with relationship and with our increasing knowledge and experience of the Father, in whom we trust.

So let us throw off the things that get in the way of trusting. Let us deal with fears and doubts, any unhealthy absorption by our possessions and any proud self reliance. The biggest danger we face is not that we don’t trust Father at all, but that we deceive ourselves into thinking that we trust him in all things, when in fact we are only trusting him in some areas of our lives. And it’s where we don’t trust that has a habit of finding us out. Mistrust is like yeast. A small amount of it can grow and impact increasing parts of our lives where we think we are secure. And when we need to draw on it, we find the reservoir of trust doesn’t quite run deep enough.

Let’s make it a priority to invest in our relationship of trust with Father, each day. Jesus certainly did. And if you feel anxious that you don’t quite know how it’s going to end, then take heart that neither did he. But he proved that Father can be trusted. And with that he comes alongside us, by his Spirit, and tells us, “My peace I leave with you. DO NOT let your hearts be troubled and DO NOT be afraid. I have overcome the world.” (Jn14:27; 16:33)

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