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I destroyed the Amorite …
though he was tall as the cedars
and strong as the oaks.
I destroyed his fruit above and his roots below
Amos 2:9

What an amazing statement of the Lord’s work of healing and deliverance, in our lives!

We’re having a bumper harvest of raspberries, this year! And it’s also going to be a good year for figs! Earlier, we had blackcurrant profusion! Going by the many requests we see from others to “please come and help yourself to our fruit/veg”, this looks like a year of fruitful harvests, all round. Even our tomatoes, that usually end up splitting on the plant, are beautiful and complete, this year!

How good it is and how thankful we are, when we can enjoy such abundance of good fruit. Then we know that the roots, too, must be good.

There are times, though, when we see the evidence of bad fruit in our lives. This may be in the form of negative self-beliefs, or damaging behaviour we can’t avoid, or relationships that are a constant source of hurt, or that nothing ever seems to go right, or any number of other negative experiences we seem unable to shake free from. And we know that the root bearing this fruit, lies deep within. And the root is not good. Yet we seem powerless to do anything about it.

The great news is that God’s promise holds true! In His words through Amos, the “Amorite” represented the enemy of His people. His promise is that whatever wars against us – the bad roots, however they got there, and the damaging fruit they produce – HE has destroyed, on the cross of Jesus, by whose wounds we are healed. We don’t need to live with bad fruit, nor with the roots that continue to produce them. As we take hold of the healing and deliverance available through the cross, we WILL receive and live in freedom!

At the 2016 Encounter Weekends we are exploring this in greater depth and uncovering the tremendous riches of Isaiah 53. There are still places available if you’d like to join us or know someone who would benefit. We’d love as many as possible to have the opportunity to be renewed, refreshed and restored!

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I feel complete and whole and very blessed with so much love I receive and can now freely give
… a glorious weekend … it’s amazing how the Lord met my different needs

Living stream

Living stream at Carbis Bay

Two testimonies from a weekend in which we were once again favoured by the healing and restoring presence of Jesus! Shaming events in our lives can leave us with a legacy that overrides our God-given identity and makes us feel unwanted, unloved and irreparably damaged, resulting in negative thoughts and behaviour towards ourselves and others. But God’s promise is to restore what we have lost! This weekend we engaged with this promise, expressed by the prophet Isaiah (61:7) in the words:

Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion… instead of their disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance… everlasting joy will be theirs

Some of our group

Some of our group

Not just a great promise, but one that God commits himself to, through a binding agreement (or covenant), as Isaiah goes on to say,

In my faithfulness (says God) I will reward them and make an everlasting covenant with them

As someone else noted at the weekend, “I will hold onto this covenant thought and this will truly be a blessing”.

Great shelter for breakfast on the beach

Great shelter for breakfast on the beach

An unexpected blessing at Sunday morning’s breakfast on the beach at Carbis Bay! For the first time in all our Encounter Weekends we were provided with a wonderful shelter – a reminder, someone remarked, of God’s protective covering over us. The weather may not have been typically warm and sunny Galilee, yet we were there! “The experience I had on the beach, with the waves coming in and going out, taking all my troubles with it …..”.

Cornwall House of Prayer

Cornwall House of Prayer

The House of Prayer is always a special place for us on our visits to St.Ives. Once more, the sweet Presence of Jesus filled the place, as we soaked in the ministry of His Holy Spirit. “At the prayer room I felt God released me from all the tough questions and confusion and disturbance within me”; “At the prayer room, God spoke to me about releasing anger and other things I’m holding onto”.

Great thanks to John and Anne for their hospitality, wonderful care and excellent food! Looking forward to the next Encounter Weekend in 2016. DO join us, whether or not you’ve been before.

Shalom at Carbis Bay

Shalom at Carbis Bay

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Here are some photos that we trust convey a sense of what this amazing weekend was like. The Lord so blessed us! You can read more about it, here.

We were in Jerusalem for a couple of days before the Weekend and were able to visit the City of David, which excited us with the thought of standing on the grounds of “original Jerusalem”. So we’ve started this slide show with some photos from Jerusalem and hope it excites you as it did us.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer for the Encounter Weekend for the folk of Shevet Achim. We have just arrived home and we are in awe and wonder at the Lord’s favour and answer to all of our prayers. He has been gracious and answered us above all expectations. We have been so privileged to have had the Presence and power of the Lord with us all at Beit Bracha and to see him at work, moment by moment, in the lives of individuals.

We, ourselves, “worked” through a very large part of the three days. Yet we are refreshed in all of our being, because it’s been like riding and being carried by a wave of the Holy Spirit’s ministry.  Whilst we have given out, we have also received so much in return, from the evident work of God in breaking through in so many lives.

From what we know about, we’ve seen:

–      deep rest and restoration in spirit, soul and body for all who came;
–      the Holy Spirit releasing words of knowledge that pierced the chains of capticaptives to set them free;
–      deliverance of a believer in Jesus from the control of the spirit of Islam (a legallegacy from their previous allegiance);
–      freedom of another from the bondage of a long held sin;
–      awakening of a deep passion for the Lord in another;
–      healing from the consequences of childhood “orphaning” in spirit and soul, for ofor others;
–      reawakening and restored vision for God’s calling, for some;
–      a deeper and fresh grasp of God’s love and rich blessings
–      the Holy Spirit’s direct breakthrough in some, without another person’s involinvolvement

In the words of some of the folk:

“Thank you for helping to prepare an atmosphere to meet Jesus in deeper ways. I believe that from this point on I will walk in a new level of freedom that I have not experienced as a believer.”

“This weekend was one of the best in my life. It really brought restoration to my life and God’s presence was so powerful.”

“… there were moments when tears flooded my eyes when the reality of my Saviour’s presence was in the place.”

“.. the teaching has been amazing, insightful and revealing of the deeper truths of Scripture … the entire Shevet family was treated like sons and daughters of the King.”

“I just want to thank the Lord for providing the perfect rest … (this weekend) strengthened me and enabled the Holy Spirit to draw me closer to my Father.”

“It felt like unwrapping a lovely gift from the Father – planned with great thought and care and presented in love.”

We were truly privileged to be drawn along by the Spirit as he knit together the whole weekend. There were some last minute rearrangements and even these were clearly of the Lord. They enabled a batter balance of free time and also allowed us to invite Paul and Jess to join us from their work in Haifa. Our invitation to them came the same morning they were asking the Lord for an opportunity for a break for spiritual rest and refreshment. Not only did they receive what they asked for, buy the Lord used their gifts to free us for other ministry and they also introduced us to a song called “Restoration” that spoke right to the heart of what God was doing.

Thank you, again, for your support in prayer and also to all who helped towards sponsorship of this event. Your partnership in this encouraged and enabled us to keep going. The folk of Shevet truly appreciate what you have done, not just because it helped towards making the weekend possible, but more so because it enabled a door of God’s grace to be opened to them, from which that have benefited with riches in abundance, pressed down and running over.

Thanks and glory, to our God! He is good!

To see some photos of the Weekend, click here.

If you’d like to read Shevet’s own comments, click here.

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More than conquerors

(Romans 8:12-17; 28-39)

This weekend continued the theme we have been developing in the early Breakfasts of this year. The core beliefs we hold (i.e. what we truly hold in our hearts and – even subconsciously – fall back upon) affect the way we think about, behave and respond to whatever challenges and adversities we meet in life. How important it is, therefore, for our hearts to be anchored on the truths that GOD IS FOR US, GOD IS IN CONTROL and GOD’S LOVE WILL NEVER LET GO.

To be firmly anchored, our hearts need to be confident in our adoption as a child of God. Adoption means we are taken out of (i.e. cut away from) the (spiritual) “Adam-family tree” into which we, with all mankind, are born – a tree rooted in sin and death. And grafted into the “Jesus-family tree” which is rooted in life and freedom. This spiritual transformation mirrors what happens in physical adoption, where a child is taken from their birth family and established into their new family, such that the old family no longer has any influence, control or rights over the child. It is, as 2Cor5:17 says, a new creation (in Christ), where the old has gone and the new has come.

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2010! We look forward to sharing with you in more of God!

Sunrise, 1January2010

Whatever this coming year may hold, there’s one thing that continues to engage our hearts, our spirits, our passion – AND THAT’S MORE OF GOD!

Whatever your plans, expectations, aspirations, desires for the coming year …..

LEAVE SPACE FOR GOD! (and plenty of space ….)

There is nothing more precious to the Lord than our relationship with him.
So make a decision now, to attend actively to deepening your walk with God, this year. Give him quality time, from your life. As well as your regular devotional time with God, why not mark out specific times in your diary (you could do it now!) that will be for you and God, alone. Time that you will protect and keep free from intrusion. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (James4:8).

Gyms and health clubs get very busy at this time of year, with so many people looking to shed pounds (or kg!) and get fit. How many will stay the course, in the weeks and months ahead? We all know that “desiring” is one thing, whilst seeing the results only comes through commitment.

Will you commit to a closer walk with the Lord, this year? This will certainly involve shedding baggage that comes between you and God. Amongst many things this may include reassessing your priorities, or changing wrong attitudes, or setting damaged relationships right, or stopping harmful habits, or receiving healing from the poison of imbedded hurts. Some things we may be able to address quite quickly, others will be a longer journey. What’s important is that we remain honest with ourselves and with God and stay open to the Holy Spirit. Let him search you and lead you deeper into the love, grace, healing, peace and joy of the Lord.

You’ll find the plan for this year’s Breakfast events under the “Diary” tab. This will be updated, as needed.

Through the Breakfast events this year, we will continue to draw closer to God, minister to him and receive all the Holy Spirit brings, with the Presence of God.

Do join us when you can. We look forward to sharing with you in more of God!

With our love and blessings,

Erik and Mary.

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