Freedom in Thanksgiving: a week of divine encounter

How do we describe a week with such a strong Presence of God?

We could speak of deep encounters with God
or his closeness during worship
or deeper revelation on living out a life of thanksgiving
or a perfect morning for breakfasting on the beach
or freedom in the Holy Spirit
or healing and liberation from what’s held us captive
or appreciating so much more of God
or experiencing his goodness, loving kindness and tender mercies

We could let some of the comments from those who joined us, speak for themselves:

This week has been balm to my soul. The sense of God’s presence has been beautiful and the worship deeply joyful.

I cannot thank God enough for bringing me to Nicholaston House and the deep restorative work he has done through the place and the people here. His presence is more real here than any other place I have stayed. The teaching on Freedom in Thanksgiving is life changing. I experienced a closer encounter with God than for many months or even years. The prayer ministry I received was incredible. Overall, I have received deep healing and drawn closer to Father’s heart.

The lessons and worship have been a true blessing … I have found peace and rest

Such a gift, these last few days. It just kept on giving. All of it was wonderful. I felt the presence of the Lord at all times. My anxieties melted away to Father God. The teaching is almost beyond words, the knowledge, expertise and over firm faith.

Good to be in a peaceful place … hear God’s clearer voice … be restored … enjoy breakfast on the beach … feel loved …learn thanksgiving is a good platform to honour, worship and hear from God

Following 6 months of periodic prayer ministry at Nicholaston House during which the Lord helped me remove the labels of wrong beliefs I had taken upon myself, including fear of the Holy Spirit … during this week, he dismantled the final blocks of my “Jenga tower” of depression. I have been healed and delivered from over 20 years of depression. Praise God!

God is good! And we believe we are in a season of greater manifestations of his amazing works and Presence. Thanks be to God!

Our next event is Freedom in Forgiveness, 28 April – 2 May. Join us and be a part of God’s blessings!

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Ascension: an essential pause


How often do we pause to reflect on this final event of Jesus’ life on earth? In our eagerness to arrive at Pentecost, following resurrection, it’s easy to overlook his ascension or just give it a passing acknowledgement as we move on to the great feast that follows.

Let’s hit the pause button!

Without ascension, there would be no Pentecost! John notes in his gospel (Jn739) the Spirit was not yet because Jesus was not yet glorified. So let’s pause awhile and allow the significance of this great event to speak to us.

Here are five reasons the ascension of Jesus is so important:

  1. Ascension affirms to us that Jesus came from God
  2. Ascension sets our sights on heaven
  3. Ascension paves the way for the Age of the Spirit
  4. Ascension paves the way for God’s ecclesia to rule on earth
  5. Ascension paves the way for Jesus to return in glory

If you’d like to listen to a short (25 min) podcast that expands on these points, you can find it here.

Rich blessings, as you reflect on this amazing, last act of Jesus on earth.