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We are now in the seventh year of Breakfast on the Beach. We are so thankful to our Lord, for his faithfulness, inspiration and enabling that has allowed us to continue with this ministry. And thank you all for your ongoing support, prayer and encouragement, which has always been of such value to us.

In thinking and praying about this “seventh year”, we’ve been increasingly convinced that it would be right to take a short sabbatical. Therefore,

–  we will not be holding any more of the regular, monthly Breakfast events, until 2011

–  but we will (subject to demand), continue with the weekends at Nicholaston House (23/25 July and 15/17 Oct) and The Mustard Tree (St. Ives, 5/7 Nov)

–  and the Encounter Journey to Israel (11/21 Nov) remains unaffected

–  we’re also still available for anyone needing personal ministry: contact us via the contact form

Do come back and visit these pages for updates. Also, please keep in touch. We encourage you to contact us with anything you may have to share with us, or ask us or propose to us. If you aren’t on our mailing list and you’d like to be informed of updates by email, use the Contact Form to let us have your details.

We have an eager anticipation for what the Lord will lead us to, over the next few months. And we look forward to sharing with you, in more of God.

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2010! We look forward to sharing with you in more of God!

Sunrise, 1January2010

Whatever this coming year may hold, there’s one thing that continues to engage our hearts, our spirits, our passion – AND THAT’S MORE OF GOD!

Whatever your plans, expectations, aspirations, desires for the coming year …..

LEAVE SPACE FOR GOD! (and plenty of space ….)

There is nothing more precious to the Lord than our relationship with him.
So make a decision now, to attend actively to deepening your walk with God, this year. Give him quality time, from your life. As well as your regular devotional time with God, why not mark out specific times in your diary (you could do it now!) that will be for you and God, alone. Time that you will protect and keep free from intrusion. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (James4:8).

Gyms and health clubs get very busy at this time of year, with so many people looking to shed pounds (or kg!) and get fit. How many will stay the course, in the weeks and months ahead? We all know that “desiring” is one thing, whilst seeing the results only comes through commitment.

Will you commit to a closer walk with the Lord, this year? This will certainly involve shedding baggage that comes between you and God. Amongst many things this may include reassessing your priorities, or changing wrong attitudes, or setting damaged relationships right, or stopping harmful habits, or receiving healing from the poison of imbedded hurts. Some things we may be able to address quite quickly, others will be a longer journey. What’s important is that we remain honest with ourselves and with God and stay open to the Holy Spirit. Let him search you and lead you deeper into the love, grace, healing, peace and joy of the Lord.

You’ll find the plan for this year’s Breakfast events under the “Diary” tab. This will be updated, as needed.

Through the Breakfast events this year, we will continue to draw closer to God, minister to him and receive all the Holy Spirit brings, with the Presence of God.

Do join us when you can. We look forward to sharing with you in more of God!

With our love and blessings,

Erik and Mary.

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Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ (Gal6:2)

Mary and I recently had the wonderful experience of being spoilt and pampered on holiday. Our friends kindly invited us to share the mobile home they had rented for 6 weeks in the South of France. So we joined them for a week. But their intention was not just that we should join them but that they should minister to our needs so we could have a total break and time of refreshment. So for a week, we were pampered for our every need. I barely had even to make myself a cup of tea!

When reflecting on this holiday, I realised that amongst many things, it had been a demonstration of the overflow of grace and a living out of Paul’s exhortation, “Bear one another’s burdens …”. We can sometimes think of these words as meaning to “help someone carry” their burdens. But the full impact of the exhortation comes when we appreciate that the word “bear” means “to carry away, completely”. Imagine that! We don’t just take a part of someone’s burden, but we try where we can, to carry it away, totally. This is certainly what our friends did for us, on this holiday.

Then later, the words of an old song came back to me:

“Brother, let me be your servant,
Let me be a Christ to you.
Pray that I may have the grace
To let you be my servant, too.”

It’s the last two lines that stopped me. It’s at times so difficult for us – particularly when we are involved in regular ministry to others, to let others be a servant to us. Somehow, the “role reversal” is difficult to take. It’s a place of humbling ourselves. Yet, unless we do so, it doesn’t release the other person to serve.

Yes, grace is a two-way street. We can overflow with grace to others in serving them abundantly – and let’s take every opportunity to do that. But let’s also be prepared to lay everything down – all our ego, status, ministry, pride, position – and have the grace to be the one who is served, so releasing our sisters and brothers to have the pleasure and freedom of pouring grace upon us.

As Jesus once said to Peter:  “Unless I wash your feet, you have no part of me”. Fulfilling the “law of Christ” is indeed, a two-way street.

Thank you also, to so many who have showered grace upon us in so many ways, to support this Breakfast ministry. We hope we have been gracious in allowing you to exercise grace.

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