Uncommon expressions of Father’s heart

We’ve just returned from a 4 week ministry trip to the Philippines and South India, sharing this message with different churches. We asked Father to confirm his word and heart with demonstrations of love and healings in the hearts, minds and bodies of those who received what we had to share. We were not disappointed! Overwhelmed even, with the healings that happened as people responded to and received Father’s unconditional love.

This journey has confirmed for us the word we believe the Holy Spirit gave us in late 2018, that “a pillar of revival is the return of God’s people to a heart-to-heart connection with Father”. We believe we are living in times of uncommon expressions and manifestations of Father’s heart! We’re ready to go where the Spirit leads us, to encourage folk to reconnect heart-to-heart with Father God. We continue to believe that he will affirm his truths with uncommon expressions of his love.

We plan to return to Asia to go deeper and wider with the folk there. Yet, we really would love to minister this message to your community. Please do get in touch to explore together, what might be possible!

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