Walking “Where Ravens Dare”

Many thanks for the many expressions of support, prayers and donations you gave me, to encourage me on this challenge walk. Here’s what the experience was like. I hope you enjoy reading it!

8am    MachenSetting off

We’re off! There’s about 50 others, with Andrew and me. I’m raising sponsorship for iTeams and Andrew’s raising funds for Paul (an iTeams missionary) to open a music school for Somali refugees in Nairobi. The rate at which everyone else is going, is an early sign to us. These are seasoned, long distance walkers, who do this sort of thing regularly and know where they are going! 26.6 miles and 5700ft of climbing to go!

IMG_13708.45am    The first peak

A steady climb up 1000ft – we’ve kept up with the pace, but we’re bringing up the rear. Trying to decide if stopping to take photos is part of this walk, or not. There’s been a steady, light drizzle, so it’s already feeling pretty steamed up, inside our “breathable” waterproofs! Stop at the 362m trig point on Mynydd Machen to make some clothing adjustments, drink some water …. and when we look up, the tail end of the group has already disappeared! Well, we’re now on our own.

9.45am    Lost and an angel!

The horrible realisation hits us that we’ve descended over 70ft down the wrong way! Only way is back up! Who’s this coming back up the road? It’s David, who went even further down. He was at the front of the main group and stopped to make a note at a check point and have an oat cake. When he looked up, everyone else had disappeared! David realised later in the day that he took the wrong turn because he had set the route the wrong way round on his sat nav! We are now three … and what Andrew and I don’t realise just yet is that David’s is the Lord’s “angel” for us. Read on to find out more ….

4 thoughts on “Walking “Where Ravens Dare”

  1. Thank you for sharing. The pictures and writings are beautiful and gives some humor to the day. If I lived in the UK or even the USA’s east coast, I’d be with you often. Perhaps some day, I can join you.

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